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Beat Big Brother!

Do you really think that your privacy is really private?
Here you can read about how Government and Big Brother are surveilling you, 24 hours, night and day – no matter whether you did something wrong or not!

• Germany

• Austria


Big Brother is watching you!

EVERY SINGLE (!!!) time you make a call from your mobile phone you are leaving an electronic trail ”behind you”. This track of your identity can very easily be gained by your Government because your LOCAL operator must give out these record to the Government on request.

The Governments are regularly and frequently scanning ALL (not only calls made by criminals or criminal suspects!!!) phone calls in order to detect and monitor the so-called suspicious words. This is done quite automatically by special computer surveillance systems which work 24 hours day and night. These systems analyze the records and then the holder of the given mobile phone is put into Big Brother's files of suspicious persons – regardless whether he or she have done something wrong or not! Do you not believe? – here is a proof:

NSA surveillance taps 125 billion calls in 30 days

Bombshell: NSA and FBI have been extracting audio, video, photos, e-mails, documents and other data from Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Skype, AOL and PalTalk (Click to enlarge)

Key source: PRISM has been described by NSA officials 'as the most prolific contributor to the president's Daily Brief,' providing analysts with a wealth of 'raw material' (Click to enlarge)


International (Echelon)

As mentioned, ALL phone calls are being routinely scanned by Government bodies with the aim to detect the words that are determined as ”suspicious”. The most ”famous” surveillance computer system is ”Echelon”, which works on international scale.

Global Echelon System (Click to enlarge)

An NSA document dating from 2012. It was leaked by Edward Snowden to the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. The orange dots on the map correspond to the locations of several FORNSAT/ECHELON stations (Click to enlarge)

Australian Echelon site near Geraldton, Western Australia

Six UKUSA station target Intelsat satellites

Echelon intercept station at Menwith Hill, England

Danish Interception Station

Dutch Interception Station


USA - National Security Agency (NSA)

National Security Agency headquarters in Fort Meade, Md.

NSA Surveillance Octopus (Click to enlarge)

The Echelon system covers all international communications (Click to enlarge)

NSA computing systems have the capacity to Spy On Most GSM Phone Calls Worldwide

NSA tracking technologies


Europe (EU Phone, Fax and Internet Surveillance System)

To make the things even worse, continual and NOT-selective surveillance of all phone calls, SMS, e-mails and Internet activities has become a rule even on the ”Old Continent”. For example the European Union launched the operation of its own EU Phone, Fax an Internet Surveillance System in the spring of 2004.


United Kingdom

It is well-known that British spy agencies tap cables, which are then shared with US NSA. You can read about here

UK rushes emergency laws on phone and data surveillance. Britan is rushing through emergency laws to ensure the police and security services can keep accessing people’s internet and mobile phone data

In 2002 the UK government announced plans to extend the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), so that at least 28 government departments would be given powers to browse citizens' web, e-mail, telephone and fax records, without a warrant and without a subject's knowledge. Since October 2007 telecommunication companies have been required to keep records of phone calls and text messages for twelve months under the Data Retention Directive. Though all telecoms firms already keep data for a period, the regulations are designed to ensure a uniform approach across the industry. This has enabled the Government and other selected authorities within the UK such as Police and Councils amongst others to monitor all phone calls made from a UK landline or Mobile upon request.

In 2008 plans were being made to collect data on all phone calls, e-mails, chat room discussions and web-browsing habits as part of the Government's Interception Modernisation Programme, thought likely to require the insertion of thousands of black box probes into the country’s computer and telephone networks. The "giant database" was to include telephone numbers dialed, the websites visited, and addresses to which e-mails are sent, but not the content of e-mails or telephone conversations. The Interception Modernisation Programme has since been renamed as the Communications Capabilities Development Programme.

Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham is seen in this undated handout aerial photograph released in London.

Echelon, Menwith Hill, England

Echelon, Menwith Hill, England



But these spying systems are not the only ones on the European continent! For example, the German Bundes-Nachrichten-Dienst (Intelligence Service of Federal Germany) automatically scans all international phone calls.

Also, Germany admits that Europe's spy agencies cooperate on surveillance. Germany's foreign intelligence agency has confirmed it swaps information with European counterparts that carry out mass surveillance. However, it denied that it was working with the British to change and circumvent laws.

In addition, Germany gave US NSA a long-term access to all telephone data. E.g. this applies to the strategic data point in Frankfurt. How close the co-operaton between Germany and NSA is was revealed by the famous German newspaper Spiegel.

The documents indicate that the Special Collection Service (SCS) maintains two sites in Germany: in the US Consulate General in Frankfurt, pictured here in 2011, and the US Embassy in Berlin, just a few hundred meters away from the Chancellery.

Satellite dishes at the US Army's European headquarters, Lucius D. Clay Kaserne in Wiesbaden's Erbenheim district. This is where the “Consolidated Intelligence Center” is under construction. The project in southern Hesse comes with a price tag of $124 million (€91 million). When finished, the US government will be even better equipped to satisfy its vast hunger for data.

A general view of the former National Security Agency monitoring site in Bad Aibling. Germany's foreign intelligence agency, the BND, has since taken over much of the site. But an NSA unit remained behind when most of the US personnel stationed there left in 2004. Documents from the archive of whistleblower Edward Snowden show that German and American intelligence agents cooperated closely at the site in the years that followed.



Austria has joined this trend as well.

There is evidence however that there exist more of such systems and new systems are planned to come! This means that Big Brother DEFINITELY IS listening to you EVERYWHERE and regardless whether you are good or bad and regardless whether you have something to hide or not!


They know exactly where you are – every single moment (GPS inside your phone)

It is generally known that location based services (LBS) and Global positioning systems (GPS) are more and more frequently applied into ALL new mobile telephones.

GPS is in fact a Satellite Navigation System. It is financed and managed by the U.S. Department of Defence. The system was designed by U.S. military, which also operates the system. However, nowadays there are millions and millions of civil people who use in all the world.

The constellation of GPS satellites is maintained by the US government

GPS system works like this. The GPS satellites network provides signals which are specially coded. These signals are then processed in a GPS receiver, which then computes its position. In order to compute a three dimensional position, four satellite signals are used. In this way, the position of your mobile device (phone etc.) can be located globally, no matter in what part of the world you are!

GPS general scheme (Click to enlarge)

How GPS receiver locates its position (Click to enlarge)

Position of your phone is determined based on distances from several satellites (Click to enlarge)

One Scandinavian top mobile company, whose high ranked official wished to remain in anonymity, was ordered by the Government to install LBS and GPS into every single mobile phone, without any exception! This was a result of a direct pressure from US Government.

The fact is that the notoriously known clipper chip, which enables geographic localization of the mobile, shall be installed into ALL mobile telephone devices WORLDWIDE, from the year 2005. The only exception will be the mobiles made in China.

Mykotronx MYK-78T Clipper Chip, installed inside a mobile phone, enables Big Brother to locate your position worldwide

Big Brother is listening on you EVERYWHERE, ANYWHERE and WHOEVER you are – and no matter whether you have done or you intend to do anything wrong or NOT!


Protect your absolute privacy with our anonymous SyncGSM™ Mobile Phone SIM Card!

Is there any help for those who do not like the fact that they are constantly spied? Yes, there is our – simple, efficient and inexpensive: SyncGSM™. To become anonymous in the world of today, from anybody and at any time, just contact us for our anonymous SyncGSM™ Mobile Phone SIM Card!

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Other Sources and Resources

News Reports

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  • CIA patching ECHELON shortcomings (UK Register, Mar. 6, 2001)
    Filtering capabilities increasing.
  • New Echelon Disclosures (WorldNetDaily, Mar. 27, 2000)
    Massive eavesdropping scheme under the U.S.'s National Security Agency.  Also involved through a diplomatic construct known as the UKUSA Alliance are  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The system is reputedly capable of recording every digital transmission relayed throughout the world each day.  Using "dictionary" computers, the system can search all the collected messages for keywords, easily and quickly identifying those messages with intelligence implications.
  • U.S. spying pays off for business (MSNBC, April 14, 2000)
    While the U.S. government has long maintained that its intelligence agencies don’t participate in industrial espionage, NBC News has learned that companies have benefited from Echelon, the long-rumored worldwide electronic spying network. Digging through mountains of testimony has revealed several references to U.S. intelligence gatherers — specifically the Central Intelligence Agency — using information it’s collected to indirectly help U.S. firms in their bids for international projects.
  • Monitor This, Echelon (Wired News, Oct. 22, 1999)
    Hackers conspire to jam Echelon electronic spying network by inundating the Internet with bogus 'suspect' messages.
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    European Parliament charges that Echelon was being used to funnel European government and industry secrets into US hands
  • Eavesdropping on Europe (Wired News, Sep. 30, 1998)
    The lid is about to come off what is reputedly one of the most powerful, secretive, and extensive spy networks in history.
  • Ex-head of CIA says spying on Europe justified (, Mar. 29, 2000)
    Denies that the United States was giving secret information collected from European companies to their US competitors

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